Success Story

One of the most striking examples of a successful family business in the Kaliningrad region is the company “DEP- Bugalteria “. Its owners are proud of the business model that they have managed to build over a twenty-year period of work in the accounting and consulting services market. In 2015, Dmitry Kurelyak, the company’s founder, understood that fundamentally new approaches to doing business are needed. More automation, online work, clearly defined business processes and new approaches to the organization of staff work. A new stage in the development of the family business was beginning. While working in this direction, all participants gradually understood that an effective and correct solution would be to transfer the leadership to their son Pavel Kurelyak. Pavel was ready to take on the implementation of further development plans, while Dmitry supports their implementation with his knowledge and experience. The main goal of the business transfer was to maintain the trust of customers and the professional team during the change of management. This was largely due to a long transfer period, with numerous consultations with employees and meetings with key clients.


  Previous Current
Owner Dmitry Kurelyak Pavel Kurelyak
Legal form of the
Number of employees 17 16

Brand Model of transfer Involved institution Country
Agriculture 3 – Transfer to company executives Marketing consultant
Management consultant