If you are interested to learn more about the importance of
successful business transfers, these information are helpful:

More jobs are lost due to failed business transfers, than new jobs are created in start-ups every year. CECOP study, available below by clicking on the image.

Guidebooks in support to SME policy from structural funds, Nr. 3 is available below by clicking on the image. 

In Germany, between 2014-2018 about 135.000 Business Transfers will take place, affecting about
2 Mio. Jobs. The publication is accessible by clicking on the image below.

Entrepreneurship competence framework 2016, to develop entrepreneurial skills of successors. Read more by clicking on the image below. 


Over the next decade up to 500.000 businesses providing 2 million jobs will have to be transferred every year and at least 1/3 of business failures are the consequence of bad transfers. The review in EC SBA Review 2011 can be accessed here



DG Growth section on business transfers. Read more here.