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Nexxt-change is an Internet Platform of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the KfW Bankengruppe, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Central Association of German Crafts, the Federation of German People’s Banks and Raiffeisenbanken and the German Savings Bank and Giroverban. The aim of platform is to bring together entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in succession. Entrepreneurs as well as start-ups and founders can browse the database with the company sales and the firm buying offers or place the advertisement themselves.

The nachfolg-o-mat (“success-o-meter”) is an online tool that gives a general overview about business succession in Germany. Each user can answer different questions and will then receive an individual analysis about their succession knowledge. In addition to that, the users can see in which areas they still need to acquire more information or knowledge and which contacts might be useful for that.

The National Agency for Women Start-ups Activities and Services (bga) offers the political, business, academic and public sectors a platform for information and services related to women entrepreneurship in all areas and phases of company foundation, consolidation and business succession.