Who can help

There are numerous organizations involved in business transfer issues, i.e. ministries, tax administration, enterprise associations, enterprise agencies, lawyers, banks, insurance companies, chambers, private consultants, cities, municipalities, etc.

Some examples are given here (see also theseus.fi):

National: The Federation of Finnish Enterprises: support for members: membership services; Enterprise marketplace (Business Exchange, Yrityspörssi) for buying and selling enterprises

National: Enterprise Finland (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment): see services

National: Perheyritysten Liitto: coaching for family successors

National: Finnish Business Transfer Society: advice and councelling for business transfers, business value determination calculator for basic value evaluations, links to business marker places

National: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Regional (member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises) Satakunnan Yrittäjät: services only in Finnish, but in a nutshell: advice on selling and buying,  advice on procedures for enterprise ownership change, advice on taxation and value determination, further contacts to other expert services; Regional enterprise marketplace for selling and buying enterprises.

Regional: Prizztech Ltd: services include: counselling those who are planning to continue an existing business, directing to experts, making an action plan, consulting a tax adviser

Private franchising chain: Finnish Company Acquisition Ltd.

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