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The basic browser for PE/VC funds in Poland

Portal which facilitates search for suitable angel investors – private investor

Matching platforms for business transfer in Poland: Szukam-inwestora.com, Sprzedambiznes.pl, Biznes2biznes.com, Investing.pl, Bizvendo.pl, Startinvest.pl, Intereso.pl, Biznesoferty.pl, Biznesmakler.com, Sprzedajkupfirme.pl, Inwestbiznes.pl

Mentoring and training – Business and professional associations

Chambers of Commerce and Industry is the largest independent business organization and represents the largest number of entrepreneurs, combining more than 150 business organizations e.g. 65 Chambers industry, 59 Chambers regional, 18 Chambers bilateral, 4 other organizations (associations, employers’ associations and foundations). National Chamber of Commerce in Poland and their members are partners in many projects related to the support of SME enterprises (also in mentoring/training in business transfer process).

This organization helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale.

for Central Poland, for East Poland, for West Poland and for South Poland:

Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne is a foundation supporting family businesses and their surroundings. Among other things, the Foundation conducts mentoring meetings for entrepreneurs of family businesses and International Generation Congresses in various Polish cities. In the Foundation’s bulletin you can find many interesting and important articles on the current economic situation in Poland.

Parp.gov.pl agency is involved in the implementation of national and international programs financed from the EU structural funds, state budget and multiannual programs of the European Commission; it pays special attention succession in family businesses.

Inicjatywa Firm Rodzinnych is a public organization operating for the benefits of family businesses

The Family Enterprise Inititive together with Wroclaw Univeristy of Economics offer a one-year post-graduate study (Effective successor of a family business), which educates a conscious and competent successor, who will manage the family business in a way that enables its survival and development.

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