Train-the-Trainer Seminar 7.-8.12.2021, 9H30 CET

Schedule of the course

Note: all the sessions will be recorded.

Day 1: ”Train the successor and entrepreneur”

09:30 CET Welcome words, Dr. Max Hogeforster
09:45 Practical issues (About the arrangements) – Dr Sirpa Sandelin
10:15 Participants introduce themselves
10:45 Lecture 1: Pedagogic – Dr Sirpa Sandelin.
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Lecture 2a: Entrepreneurial properties – Dr. Anita Richert-Kaźmierska, Politechnika Gdańska, Poland,
12:45 Lecture 2b: Innovative enterprise – MBA Michael Christiansen, IBC, Denmark
13:30 Coffee break and Padlet: what kind of support a successor as a novice entrepreneur could need in your country
14:30 Lecture 3: Generational change in company succession as a change management process – Prof. Dr. Joachim von Kiedrowski
15:00 Discussion: Issues a trainer should consider when training a novice entrepreneur
15:20 Conclusion of discussion
15:30 End of day 1

Day 2: “[Generational] business transfer”

09:30 Lecture “Generational business transfer, why is it important and how can coaches support it” Dr. Max Hogeforster
10:15 Padlet: Issues that should be considered when planning generational transfer
11:15 Lunch
12:00 Conclusion of Padlet, Lecture: Challenges in generational business transfer
12:45 Coffee break
13:15 Discussion: Issues a trainer should consider when training a person planning business transfer.
13:45 Concluding the discussion, Lecture: Mentor and Mentoring, Dr Kari Lilja
14:15 Concluding words (Dr Hogeforster), link to the evaluation form, compiling the form
14:30 end of the training.

Testing the Webex Hill

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On-Line learning platform

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Evaluation of the training

To be able to develop the trainings and courses, we are collecting the experiences and opinions of participants. We hope that you had a couple of minute time to answer few questions concerning the facilitations and contents of the training. Every answer is valuable and important for improving the quality of trainings.
All the answers will be processed confidentially. No name nor other information concerning the identity of respondent and / or company will be required or saved.
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