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«Business Transfer webinars in Estonia»

Business transfer webinars - project Inbets+


In Estonia we decided about transfer day that we will organise a series of free of charge webinars on business transfer subtopics with different experts instead of on long transfer day. So every month starting from april there was monthly one webinar  dedicated to some aspect what you should consider if you are dealing with company transferring or finding successor. Extra value for participants came from consultations with international experts – Prof. Klaus Heine and Jan Lagast and podcasts on business transfers, articles and case studies . There was more than 300 participants and we cooperated with the largest counselling network in Estonia – the network of County Development Centres and in addition Family Business Association.

List of webinars and topics  discussed:

April 28 – Stages and basics of the company transfer process. In collaboration with Illar Kaasik.​ (in Estonian)

May 12 – Negotiations and necessary agreements in the business transfer process. In collaboration with Georg Merilo.​ (In Estonian)

May 13 – Leaders Club: Generation change in the company. In cooperation with the Estonian Association of Family Entrepreneurs, Aare Tark and sons​ (In Estonian)

June 2 – Company valuation methods. In collaboration with Jelena Zovnikova.​ (in Estonian)

October 27 – Why is it so difficult to give up active management of your company? Neuroscience explains. In collaboration with Gill McKay.​ (in English)

November 23 – Business transfers: an overview of the Baltic Sea region. In cooperation with project partners and the Regional Development Centers network in Estonia. ​(in English)

All webinars are possible to access the recording.

Main conclusions  from consultants about the current situation of Estonian companies:

The process of branding and its values is largely unthought and undocumented for SMEs. Thanks to Prof. Klaus Hein, we were able to direct 10 entrepreneurs to improve this process.​

Estonian mentors – Jelena Zovnikova and Illar Kaasik: very practical advice on valuing the company was asked. Some were very detailed in their questions, some were still exploring the land.​

Jan Lagast, ImpactBuilders – general feedback is short and to-the-point: local businesses lack systematic approach.