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Businesss Transfer day - project Inbets+

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry LTRK
26. August 2021 –
In recent years, there has been more and more talk about generational differences and their impact on the labour market, company culture, relationships, individual achievements and the complexities of business succession.
Different life experiences, perspectives, value systems, world events, upbringing – all these influence our decisions, actions and interactions with other people.


Family business – how to plan, manage and pass it on to the next generation.
Lecturer. RSU assistant professor
– Dilemma: can/how can a family be united to work together in business?
– Family and business management – common and different, overview of typical challenges.
– How to create a sound family business model.
– Family values and business strategy.
– The challenges of generational change.
– When different generations meet at work.
– Research results.

Independent children and non-independent businesses.
In today’s society, most children grow up to be independent adults. At the beginning of this process, parents have full responsibility and constant care – 24/7.
– The same is true for the founders of companies, but unfortunately their creations rarely live long and even more rarely become independent, even though companies/organisations are organisms of a kind.
– Why?!
– What should company founders do?
– Who can help?
– A paradoxical situation: a civilised and safe world for people, at the same time and right there for companies/organisations, a brutal jungle with deadly dangers.
– Knowing the basics of how organisations survive, develop and grow, it is possible to replicate this process and help other companies to do the same – to create a safer environment.

Generations in the workplace – opportunities and challenges.
A year of pandemics and remote working conditions forced us all to learn new skills and ways of communication.
– The commonalities and differences between people of different generations.
– How has this affected intergenerational cooperation and relationships?
– How to motivate and involve different generations?

Advertising to different generations.
Former partner and creative director of !
– Minimalism as a national characteristic – in business, creativity, communication.
– Problem solving.

The latest trends in communication art in the world and Latvia.
Viesturs Meikšāns, founder and lecturer at the School of Public Speaking, experience in international marketing. He has the ability to look at the business world through an atypically creative, directorial perspective.
Conference moderator: Ginta Gaumala, Bsc Psych, MBA, non-violent communication consultant, mediator, crisis intervention specialist.
The project is supported by the Baltic Sea Region Programme. Project InBets+, Project No. #X016

Recording of the conference