Who can help with a business transfer?

A number of organizations in Sweden provide advisory services and support for business transfers.
Some services are free of charge while other charge fees.

Guides for business transfer
Some organizations offer free guides and tips about business transfers.
   • Download Almi`s guide about buying a business.
   • Download Ludvig & Co´s step by step guide for transferring a family business to the next generation.
   • Danskebank offers guides and tips about preparations for a business transfer.  
   • Företagarna offers tips about the business transfer process. 
   • Verksamt.se offers information about buying a business.  They also have information about selling a sole trader business (enskild näringsverksamhet), trading partnership company (handelsbolag) and a limited liability company (aktiebolag).
    • LandshypetekBank offers tips about transferring a family business to the next generation.

General support
Almi, Nyföretagarcentrum, and Connect Sverige support SMEs and can help with a business transfer. They also provide webinars, training, and information meetings about selling and buying businesses.
   • Almi
   • Nyföretagarcentrum
   • Connect Sverige

Legal and financial support
Most banks and audit firms can provide support with law, tax, and finance issues during business transfers.

Supports sellers and successors:
   • Swedbank
   • Nordea
   • PWC

Supports sellers:
   • Ludvig & Co
   • SEB
   • Handelsbanken

Mergers & Acquisitions Companies
M&A Companies advise and support the selling and buying processes during business transfers.
   • Carnegie
   • Censor
   • Ekenberg & Andersson
   • Euc
   • Excore
   • Exitpartner
   • Freja partner
   • HDR partners
   • Länia
   • Svensk företagsförmedling

Finding businesses for sale
Several sites show available business, properties, and land for sale.
   • Bolagsplatsen is Sweden´s biggest marketplace for business transfers.
   • Svensk företagsförmedling is another big marketplace for business transfers. 
   • Objektvision shows available companies, properties, and land for sale in Sweden.
   • Blocket is a selling and buying site. Companies can post an ad that their company is for sale and potential buyers can post an ad that they are looking for a specific business to buy.
   • Exitpartner shows available companies for sale and buyers that have requests for specific businesses. 
   • Länia shows available companies for sale.
   • Ludvig & Co provides forestry and agricultural properties and businesses for sale in Sweden.
   • Euc specializes in business transfers in the café, restaurant, hotel and retail industry.

Business transfers within the agriculture and farming sector
Some organizations are specialized in advisory business transfers in the agriculture and farming sector.
   • LandshypotekBank is specialized in agriculture and forestry. They finance investments and entrepreneurial advancements that will develop the countryside.
   • Hushållningssällskapet is an NGO that supports agricultural economic development in Sweden. They offer legal advice to farmers.
   • Ludvig & Co provides legal and financial advisory when transferring a family business to the next generation.

Book recommendations
There are several books in Swedish about business transfers.

(2017) by Erik Hedblad

Podcasts recommendations
There are several podcasts in Swedish that discuss business transfers.


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