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A number of organizations provide advisory in the field of business transfers. The findings, however, suggest that with many of these organizations business transfers is not the main field of activity, but simply an additional service that is offered. 

In the following some examples of organizations are listed which offer different forms of advisory:

LandshypotekBank is specialized in agriculture and forestry and disposes of good knowledge of the industry’s challenges surrounding profitable farming business and the real estate market upturns . 

LRF Konsult is an accounting company with approximately 600 authorized accounting consultants, which is the largest number of accountants in a single accounting firm in Sweden. Additionally, it is the country’s largest provider of forestry and agricultural properties. 

Svenska Riskkapitalföreningen (SVCA) (Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association) is the association for private equity actors (Buyout and Venture Capital) and business angel networks. The association, which was founded in 1985, has the task of promoting a well-functioning private equity and venture capital market in Sweden. This happens, amongst others, through the dissemination of facts and knowledge about private equity’s role in the Swedish economy.

Excore (one of the leading M&A companies in Sweden) is specialized in middle-sized companies with a turnover between 50 million and 2 billion SEK. The firm’s emphasis is on company sales, acquisitions and mergers. 

What services are on offer and through which channels? „Reflecting on the services offered in Sweden, it is obvious that these services can mainly be assigned to the classical services, i.e. support in the areas of tax, legal and financial issues. 

For instance, the private bank Carnegie offers expertise in the areas of tax and law. Excore provides online some tips for sellers and acquirers. These tips are oriented to the issue of price setting. In addition, the firm offers two comprehensive books entitled “livsverk till salu” (lifework for sale) and “tillväxt till salu” (growth for sale). These books can be ordered in print or directly downloaded. 

PWC has a youtube film about business transfers. Besides, it offers expertise in the areas of tax, economical and legal advisory.

LandshypotekBank provides advisory and capital in the form of loans. Regarding the former, they collaborate with   LRF   Konsult. 

Besides being a contact for financing, the Danske Bank in Sweden offers a guideline for farmers interested in selling their farm. Similar can be found with the Swedbank who offers potential buyers support in finding companies that are for sale, financing solutions and regarding tax and legal issues.

For potential sellers, Swedbank offers support in the areas of finance, law, and structure. On the website, the bank also   provides   a   movie   that   briefly   informs   about   buying   and   selling   a   company.  

LRF Konsult offers company valuation, business planning, risk analysis, financing solutions, tax solutions that meet the needs of both sides and legal form solutions.  

However, it does not exist any completely impartial counselor or coach who can support the process, which could be a prerequisite for more numbers of and more successful transfers.






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