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Below is a description of an information guide, created by the St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development, specifically for SMEs in relation to business transfers. The guide can also be accessed below. 

INBETS – innovative business transfer models. Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises
инновационные модели бизнес трансфера. Руководство для малых и средних предприятий

Today, the problem of transferring business is a burning issue in Russia. Many Russian companies were created in the 1990s and still are managed by their founders. The owners of these companies are already reaching retirement age. Numerous researches and studies show that typical business owner in Russia is between 45 and 55 years old. It should be noted that only a few companies or families have developed formal and documented business transfer plan (Forbes: Business for successor: how to transfer assets to children or partners, 2017).

In Russia the main hindrance for successful business transfer is a lack of owners, entrepreneurs and other interested parties awareness about the complexity of business transfer process and absence of united supporting ecosystem for companies.

In the framework of INBETS BSR project realization we prepared information Guide especially for SMEs going through the business transfer stage. The Aim of this guide is an adaptation and collection in one document all the possible practices and innovative solutions that will help SMEs operate on the market during a longer time and become a source of families’ well-being in the long term.

The guide contains statistical data about business transfers in Baltic Sea region and Russia, information about innovative business transfer models, models of SMEs financing, methods of company valuation, business transfer success stories and contact information for business support organizations, coaches, legal and financial organizations, as well as organizations working with youth, and allowing SMEs to support successful transfer of companies and knowledge in St. Petersburg.

Guide is in Russian | Руководство на русском языке    –   (please click on the picture below to download the guide)

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