Partner / SwedenDrivhuset’s passion is entrepreneurship!We inspire and support students in Sweden, Norway, and Finland to start and run businesses. Students can attend events and workshops, take online courses, and receive business coaching free of charge. We focus on the entrepreneur and use evidence-based business tools. Drivhuset is a foundation with the mission to create the entrepreneurs of the future so that society continues to flourish. We are passionate about turning ideas into business and making dreams come true. Since 1993 we have carried out over 39 000 business coaching sessions and supported almost 9 500 businesses. Drivhuset and the INBETS projectSuccessful business transfers are critical for Sweden for the coming 10 years. Sweden has currently around 1 000 000 companies. Four out of five jobs in Sweden are in SMEs, which today employ almost 2 million people. In the coming 10 years, about 100 000 companies in Sweden need to consider a business transfer or they will close down. Drivhuset wants to accelerate awareness and simplify business transfers in Sweden, hence the collaboration in the INBETS project. In this project, Drivhuset provides business and transfer consulting, motivation seminars, informational events, and networking opportunities for regional cooperation. Contact informationStiftelsen Drivhuset SkaraborgAddress: Högskolevägen 6B, 541 46, Skövde, Sweden Phone: +46 500 – 88 07 88E-mail:  Website: Drivhuset SkaraborgInstagram: drivhusetskaraborg Sucess Stories […]
Partner / Sweden / University of SkövdeWe are a modern and welcoming university, with first-class education and internationally competitive research, a place where we strive for the greatest accomplishments. Ever since the inception in 1977 we have aimed for excellence. Every decision, every achievement has emerged from a focus on creating excellent and well known educations and research specialisations that make a difference to reality. University of Skövde and the INBETS BSR projectThe INBETS BSR project was incorperated into the research group of Knowledge, Innovation and Marketing. Our research group brings together academic scholars from diverse backgrounds to investigate how established and new companies and organizations manage their organizational knowledge in their quest to exploit present and future business opportunities in a sustainable way. The purpose of Knowledge, Innovation and Marketing (KIM) research group is to extend the scientific body of knowledge concerning the related fields of knowledge management, innovation management and marketing and to contribute to practice. The group’s interest is in investigating how companies and organizations transform their knowledge into innovative outputs to achieve sustainable business development. Having a multidisciplinary perspectiveResearch undertaken in the group takes different lenses, uses different research methods, analyzes different types of organizations and explores KIM-related topics in different countries. Our members have a broad portfolio of knowledge management, innovation management and marketing expertise gained from working with a variety of national and international private and public organizations. The aim is to use this expertise and to develop it further. Our Expertise can be found in the following areas:   • Knowledge management    • Knowledge risk management    • Innovation management in SMEs    • Open Innovation    • Exporting relationships    • Digitalization    • Strategic management    • Services marketing Retail marketing Information retrieved from: For further information please contact  Contact informationUniversity of SkövdeAddress: Högskolevägen, Box 408, 541 28 Skövde, SwedenTel.: +46 (0)500-44 80 00E-mail.: vxl@his.seWebsite: University of Skövde on social mediaFacebook:ögskolan-i-skövde/ […]
Germany / PartnerLinking the academic world and the business world. Bringing companies and universities together. The Baltic Sea Academy was established in February 2010. Common objective is to bridge the business world, in particular of small and medium sized companies, with the academic world. The main objectives of the Baltic Sea Academy are:  • Strengthening the economic competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region and developing an intensive cooperation with a high spatial identification.  • Support of the medium-sized economy and the skilled crafts, in particular all transnational activities and international cooperation’s.  • Promotion of vocational training, excellent education of businessmen and executives of the medium-sized economy in form of dual bachelor studies as well as further training  • Furtherance of economic and cultural development in the partial regions of the Baltic Sea Region as well as support for experience exchange and cooperation orientated on regional strengths. The overall goal of the 19 academic insitutions of the Baltic Sea Academy is to foster the cooperation of educational- and research oriented institutions with small and medium-sized enterprises. The Baltic Sea Academy fosters the cooperation of educational and research oriented institutions with small and medium-sized enterprises. QUALIFICATION AND APPRENTICESHIPIn accordance with the Bologna Process regarding the development and realisation of Bachelor and Master Degree courses, in particular with regard to the “SME” target group for various specialist disciplines (e.g. Technology, Business Studies, Design, Environment and Energy etc.). The focus here is in particular on dual study programmes that combine degree study with vocational training or further development. The cooperation in terms of an apprenticeship may apply to different aspects, for instance  • Exchange of experiences and information  • Development of Curricula  • Further development of professional education and further professional development programmes – preferably with internationally recognised qualifications  • Exchange of lecturers and students • Common study programmes, in particular dual bachelor study courses, common symposia, seminars, etc RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENTImplementing applied research and development projects, especially for the target group of “SMEs” covering diverse enquiries. If possible, small and medium-sized enterprises should be involved in these projects that are training partners within the framework of dual degree courses and other businesses from the 11 Baltic countries. Cooperation in the area of research and development can concern different aspects, for instance  • Exchange of experiences and information  • Establishing an agreed division of work with specialisations at the individual locations  • Joint realisation of projects in connection with apprenticeships, e.g. Bachelor dissertations  • Joint development, funding application and realisation of projects with funding from the EU and/or national funding monies  • Joint processing of orders by companies. Information retrieved from: and Contact informationBaltic Sea AcademyAddress: Blankeneser Landstrasse 7, 22587 Hamburg, GermanyTel.: +40 822 447 0Fax: +40 822 447 22E-mail.: info@baltic-sea-academy.euWebsite: […]
Lithuania / PartnerAbout Vytautas Magnus UniversityEstablished in 1922 (re-established in 1989) Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is the public institution implementing liberal arts study policy based on the Harvard study model and relevant research activities aimed at contribution to the society, as well as global community. Aside from 46 BA and MA full-time degree programmes in English, together VMU offers 138 study degree programmes, as well as integrated studies of law and postgraduate for 9433 students. The University offers doctoral studies in 23 diverse fields of natural, technological, agricultural, social sciences and humanities for 320 PhD students. Studies at VMU are organized by 9 faculties (Informatics, Natural Sciences, Economics and Management, Law, Political Science and Diplomacy, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Catholic Theology) and 3 Academies (Agriculture, Education, Music). Academic and research infrastructure as well refer to VMU Kaunas Botanical Garden, Institute of Foreign Languages and Innovative Studies Institute; 9 departments, 8 university centres; and other divisions; Students’ Representative Council. In VMU the research capacity is achieved by uniting scientific human resources under the thematic clusters and institutes seeking to assure the interdisciplinary approach, broad scope, high impact, accessibility of research outcomes. VMU has been involved in H2020, COST, Erasmus+, Nordplus, LIFE, Interreg activities as well as national European Structural Funds’ projects as a project partner and coordinator (over 200 EU ongoing projects in the fields of biotechnology, biophysics, bioeconomy, agriculture, creative industries, law, education, sociology, psychology, computational linguistics, bilingualism, etc.), therefore the scientists have accumulated solid experience in international scientific research and project management, holding memberships of national and international professional associations of diverse scientific areas and fields. The main strength of research at VMU is our ability to respond to an increasingly globalised and competitive landscape prompting the dynamic formation of new research priorities and facilitating ongoing improvements in research performance at both national and international level. We have been engaged as a partner and coordinator in various Horizon 2020, Jean Monnet, COST, Erasmus+ and NordPlus programmes, as well as research projects within the Global Grant and Smart Specialisation programmes conducted by the Research Council of Lithuania and the European Structural Fund. Nationally, our research has received the top evaluation scores among higher education institutions in Lithuania. We are a leading university in the fields of Humanities, Arts, Social and Biomedical Sciences. At present, 36 research journals are published at VMU. 10 research journals are included in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science and (or) Scopus databases. 14 journals are published together with other Lithuanian and foreign institutions. VMU Faculty of humanities has innovative, modern infrastructure for research and studies. Vytautas Magnus University has around 30 study, research and arts centres:   • Andrei Sakharov Research Centre for Democratic Development    • Arts Centre    • Centre for Asian Studies    • Centre for Enterprise Practices • Centre of Computational Linguistics    • Centre of Multilingualism    • Demographic Research Centre    • Energy Security Research Centre    • Institute of Education Sciences    • Institute of Foreign Languages    • Institute of Innovative Studies    • Lithuanian Emigration Institute    • VMU Arts Gallery 101    • VMU Botanical Garden    • VMU Theatre    • World Lithuanian University    • and many more. Laboratories and Computer Classes The university also has over 50 laboratories and computer classes, such as the audiovisual technology laboratory, media lab, sound studio, laboratories for biotechnology, environmental science, 3D modelling, neuroscience, intelligent systems, microsynthesis, HPLC and UPLC, capillary electrophoresis, microbiology, biochromatography, miniaturised bioreaction, etc. VMU is a member of diverse EU associations and international organisations of higher education and research such as the European University Association, the European Association for International Education, the Baltic Sea Region University Network, European Distance and E-Learning Network, etc. The University having over 500 Erasmus+ partners in 60 states has signed over 200 bilateral collaborative agreements covering 42 countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America, North Africa, China. More info: Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) and the INBETS project In the INBETS project, the main activities of the VMU are related to the preparation, testing and application of Entrepreneurship Education Programs, and the implementation of trainings based on them, which are focused on the development of competencies in business transfer and takeover processes. Three training programs have been developed. Entrepreneurship Education, (562 hours) Train the traineers for Entrepreneurship Education (18 hours) and Business Successors Training (18 hours) Entrepreneurship Training Educational Program, which purpose is to train people to become entrepreneurs to increase the number of well-qualified young entrepreneurs in all BSR countries, so that sufficient numbers of qualified entrepreneurs are available for the growing number of SMEs looking to takeover, also ensuring an innovative, successful continuation of the company by the next generation. Vytautas Magnus University, one of INBETS BSR partners, has prepared this comprehensive Entrepreneurship Training Education Program, which consists of 6 individual modules covering a total of 562 hours. All modules focus on entrepreneurship skills and competences, and to be lectured through widely used methods, fostering specialization, general and specific competences in management and general social competency. The main learning objective of Entrepreneurship Training Educational Program is to give the target group the knowledge and skills they need to be able to become entrepreneurs, successfully manage business or transfer business to potential successors. That should be provided through following modules of the prepared curricula:    1) Determining Corporate Competitiveness;    2) Developing Corporate Government Strategies;    3) Innovation Management;    4) Basic Computer Skills, Bookkeeping;    5) Preparing, Completing and Evaluating Start-up and Takeover Activities;    6) Human Resources Management & Vocational Education Knowledge. Depending on the individual needs of the trainees, only individual modules or the complete training course can be completed. INBETS BSR aims to examine, further develop and design innovative and transferable models and tools for facilitating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) business transfers, make them widely available and implement them in companies. One of the main tools to achieve these goals is to strengthen institutional capacities of existing business support organisations (BSOs) for successful business transfers by qualifying permanent staff of BSOs as transfer coaches. This modularised concept, curricula and documentation for Train-the-Trainer activities was developed for the purpose of implementation of Train-the-Trainer seminars with staff from BSOs and experts from transfer partners in order to qualify them as transfer coaches. The aim of the training is to familiarize the participants with all the tasks of consulting and promotion of business transfers. The target groups of Train-the-Trainer Seminar were:    · Teachers and lecturers from universities / colleges, chambers, training institutions, etc., who are involved in the training of entrepreneurs;    · Advisers to Chambers and other business development agencies involved in advising, coaching and promoting business transfers and start-ups. The main learning objective of Train-the-Trainer Programm and Seminar is to give the target group the skills they need to become permanent qualified business transfer coaches, which means that:    · The participants should be able to get an overview of the main topics of entrepreneurship education and to be able to assess which competences are necessary for the communication of this content;    · The participants must have pedagogical skills and experience that will be refreshed and supplemented by the training on pedagogical issues of entrepreneurship education;    · The participants should get to know the whole process of training and coaching of potential founders and transferees;    · The participants should be enabled to independently carry out the training and coaching on the basis of curricula and teaching materials. A. Training as an Entrepreneur – introduction and explanation of main training content, divided into 6 Modules:   A1. Determining Corporate Competitiveness;    A2. Developing Corporate Government Strategies;    A3. Innovation Management;    A4. Basic Computer Skills, Bookkeeping using Commercial Software;    A5. Preparing, Completing and Evaluating Start-up and Takeover Activities;    A6. Human Resources Management & Vocational Education Knowledge. B. Pedagogy as well as Coaching and Consulting Process:    B1. Pedagogical questions procedure and examination of training to become an entrepreneur;    B2. Design and instruments of the consulting process for company transfers. The second Programm prepared by VMU is Business Successors Training Educational Program , which aims to provide the knowledge and capacity building of those with business practices or business education necessary for the successful management of business transfer processes, in order not only to keep existing SMEs but also to increase their market value through innovative, successful business growth. Vytautas Magnus University, one of INBETS BSR partners, developed this Business successors education training program for business successors (buyers, sellers, heirs), which consists of 3 separate modules (Determining the competitiveness of companies and developing strategies, Legal environment and business transfer logistics and Financial optimization in business transfer processes) lasting a total of 18 hours. All modules focus on the essential skills and competencies necessary for a successful business transfer process, highlight the basic issues of business transfer and their practical solution scenarios, and allow participants to choose training modules that meet their needs. […]
Lithuania / PartnerVilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Vilnius CCIC) is a wide network of Lithuanian business representatives and community that unites over 550 Lithuanian companies from different leading business sectors as well as universities, colleges and other educational institutions. The mission of the Chamber is to represent business interests at state and regional authorities, as well as to provide services necessary for business enterprises. What is more, Vilnius CCIC is a social partner for state and regional governments. Vilnius CCIC is located in the most developed region in Lithuania, in the capital city Vilnius. Together with Alytus and Ukmerge branches, Vilnius CCIC is an organization that unites the business community in Lithuania, operating in accordance with the Law on Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius CCIC has taken over and holds on the traditions of the institution set up in 1925. Combining modern management, technologies and human competences the Chamber strives to become one of the most advanced, strongest and most successful business communities in Lithuania, whose main goals are:      • strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises      • improve the business environment      • bring together and strengthen the business community      • create harmonious society Vilnius CCIC offers the following services business enterprises:      •  Issues certificates of origin and certificates of force majeure      •  Approves the authenticity of documents used for foreign trade      •  Consults the members of the Chamber and Lithuanian companies on the issue of customs duties, certificates of origin, ATA carnets      •  Helps member companies to find business partners abroad (business enquiries, offers, incoming missions)      •  Announces business offers from foreign companies      •  Organizes trade missions      •  Organizes the attendance and participation at international exhibitions and fairs abroad      •  Organizes conferences and seminars      •  Participates at regional and international projects      •  Provides business consultations      •  Etc. Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts has a long practice in consulting businesses, both companies and persons who work on their own. Consulting areas varies from business creation to business transfer or shutdown. VCCIC also has deepened valuable experience in business development services, e.g. export promotion, raising competences of personnel, clustering, etc. though project implementation. VCCIC is also working in the field of business environment improvement and has a wide range of partner organisations, close contacts with regional and state institutions. VCCIC is involved in different work groups related to improvement of business conditions and environment in the region in Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. With all experience and competencies, VCCIC joined the INBETS project team to create entrepreneurial outputs for business promotion, successful business transfers and regional economic growth. […]
Finland / PartnerSatakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – is a horisontal, internationally oriented university with 6,000 students and 370 experts in 25 Finnish and 11 English programmes. SAMK is the leading institution of higher education in the Satakunta region, operating on the south-west coast of Finland. Each of the four faculties have a wide contact surface for the employment sector both nationally and internationally. Following the Finnish Law of Universities, SAMK is a limited liability company owned by the regional municipalities and local business institutions and organisations. Through the public non-profit status and responsibility for regional development set by the Ministry of Education and Culture, SAMK is conducting public interest collaboration between higher education institutions and Research and Development and Innovation (RDI) in the business sector. The RDI activities are joined in SAMK with innovation approach and support for entrepreneurship. The SAMK Enterprise Accelerator has created 320 enterprises and yet more new entrepreneurs since 1997. The Ministry of Education and Culture has designated SAMK three times as a Centre of Excellence, one of which was awarded to the Enterprise Accelerator. SAMK has constantly developed the cooperation between students and regional enterprises with tailored projects, theses and marketing activities. Furthermore, SAMK has a strategic support method for family firms’ succession. The DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate has awarded SAMK an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The certificate is significant due to its scope, as it covers all SAMK’s operations. The INBETS project has increased SAMK’s knowledge of entrepreneurship and ownership changed around the Baltic Sea. We have also disseminated examples of Finnish changes of ownership to other partners. All examples of entrepreneurship and ownership changes can be used as examples in entrepreneurship courses. Contact information Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Address: Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori, Finland Phone number: +358 2 620 3000 Website: University on social mediaFacebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: […]
Partner / RussiaSince 1995, acting behalf our international and national clients and partners, we had successfully implemented more than 500 projects. Mission of the Foundation is an initiation and implementation of significant initiatives and projects contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of St. Petersburg as well as the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation. INBETS projectParticipation in the INBETS project provides for St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development opportunities for mutually beneficial communication and international experience exchange due to the fact that goals of the project correspond to the mission of the Foundation, as well as to the strategic, social and economic development of St. Petersburg. During the implementation of the INBETS project Foundation conducted analysis of the issues in business transfer sphere in Russia and St. Petersburg, what organizations/ institutions that can help SMEs with mentoring or training (business and professional associations) and expanding business contacts network, which business transfer models are more popular in country and what legislative, administrative and psychological barriers face entrepreneurs during business transfers, etc. By now Foundation developed the guide for Russian SMEs which includes statistics data, information about business transfer models, financing models, ways of SMEs evaluation, business transfer success stories and contact information of business support organizations in St. Petersburg and abroad which assist companies in business transfers sphere. Foundation has also presented main results of the INBETS project during the key events in St. Petersburg. Contact informationSt. Petersburg Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development (St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development) Address: 14, Izmaylovsky pr., 190005 St. Petersburg, Russia Tel.: +7 812 575 04 80, 325 83 51, 712 67 80 Fax.: +7 812 712 66 07 E-mail.: Website: Foundation on social mediaFacebook: […]
Denmark / PartnerAt IBC we equip workers and entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle future challenges. We develop multi-skilled individuals to whom innovation, flexibility and globalisation are not abstract concepts – but natural ways of thinking, now and for the future.We aim to stay on top of the rapid changes in the modern world, to anticipate students’ and companies’ needs before they arise – and create opportunities to work together with the rest of the world – through the provision of flexible, up-to-date programmes that keep open the doors to the global village. The same applies to those already pursuing their career but who need to up-date professional and personal competencies. We create supplementary training and further study opportunities for those who wish to enhance their qualifications and knowledge. IBC responds to these demands through continuous development of new programmes and application of the most up-to-date learning and teaching methodology. We achieve this through highly professional, experienced and committed staff and by listening to our other stakeholders: industry, students and institutional partners – regionally, nationally and internationally. IBC is a part of the world – and the world is a part of the IBC: we welcome students from all over the globe; our students spend time abroad and return with new ideas. International guest lecturers inspire us – and we co-operate closely with some of the best universities and business schools in the international arena. At IBC the world is never far away. The future is full of opportunity. At IBC we take up the challenge. We make IBC a better place to learn. Jens GamaufPresident IBC and the INBETS projectIBC’s main task in the INBETS project is to maintain the INBETS website and collaborate with partners to create new content and optimize the website. IBC, as the name suggests, is an International Business College cooperating closely with a diverse set of international partners, where the INBETS project is an ideal platform for international collaboration with a number of international associations, organizations and universities. IBC joined the INBETS project offering expertise in website creation and optimization, with the goal to collaborate and learn from the international partners in the INBETS project. IBC – IN THE HEART OF DENMARKIBC is centrally located in one of Denmark’s fastest-growing business regiones with campuses in Fredericia, Kolding and Aabenraa.Our study programmes and management training courses attract students and companies throughout Denmark and many countries worldwide. VARIOUS EDUCATIONSIBC offers a number of different educational programmes, including: BUSINESS A-LEVELS/BUSINESS HIGH SCHOOLThis 3-year programme is rooted in social sciences with a common core that includes: Business Economics, Marketing, International Economics, Business Law, Civics, Contemporary History, Mathematics, Danish, English and one or two of the languages German/Spanish/French. In addition, there is a range of majors/areas of specialisation that includes Economics, Marketing and Internationalisation. […]
Partner / PolandWe Are among the 800 Best World Universities Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) and only 11 other Polish universities are listed by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. GUT is among the 800 best Universities in the world. The ranking is based on the following factors: citations, industry income, international outlook, research and teaching. We Are One of the Best European Technical Universities Since October 2015, GUT belongs to the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) – an organization of the best European technical universities. Presently CESAER includes more than 50 universities in 24 countries. GUT is the 3rd Polish university among them. We Are One of the Most Popular Universities in Poland For the fifth time in a row GUT is on the 3rd place in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking of the universities which candidates to study choose the most often. Over 120 000 Graduates GUT has a long academic tradition. In 2004 it was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Since 1904 over 120 000 well-educated young people graduated from our university. GUT graduates easily find a job, often successfully creating and running their own businesses. It is important to stress the fact that earnings of people who graduated from GUT were ranked 2nd in the National Compensation Survey for technical university graduates. The prestigious European HR Excellence in Research logo In 2017 the European Commission has granted GUT the right to use the prestigious HR Excellence in Research logo. Gdańsk University of Technology was thus recognized as an institution that provides one of the best work and development conditions for researchers in Europe. The HR Excellence in Research logo is a symbol of quality assuring the highest standards in research and employment. Widely Recognized Scientific Publications GUT was granted the ELSEVIER Research Impact Leaders 2016 award for its widely recognized scientific publications, which combine social and technical sciences. The awards are part of the international ELSEVIER initiative, promoting the scientific output of Polish universities in the world. Factors taken into consideration include the citation index, the number of publications in the most prestigious journals and the contribution of international authors. The Highest International Level of Business Education MBA studies at GUT were awarded with the international Association of MBAs (AMBA) certificate. This accreditation guarantees the highest quality of education. Only 2% of universities in the whole world have obtained such distinction! International Activity and Cooperation The international cooperation is based on approximately 360 international agreements signed with HEIs and other organizations, including: 250 agreements within international mobility programmes; 90 MoUs and 9 double degree agreements. GUT is also a member of various international networks of cooperation, e.g. BSRUN, EUA, CDIO, CESAER. The university participates in numerous international programmes which promote and facilitate international mobility, such as Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, EEA Grants, Norway Grants, CEEPUS. GUT and Inbets Business transfers are more important to economic growth than start-ups. Unfortunately, the future development of innovative companies is limited due to the unsuccessful business transfer GUT aims during the project to research and develop innovative models and tools to facilitate the transfer of activities by small and medium-sized enterprises. The main results of the project will be a set of tools and methods to facilitate the successful business transfer, an ICT-based system to assess the market value of enterprises and a toolkit of innovative financing models. Short Film about Gdansk University of Technology (in Polish) Watch this video on YouTube Presentation on Gdansk University of Technology (in Polish) – Please click on the picture below to download the guide […]
Estonia / PartnerThe Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is the oldest and largest Estonian representative organization of entrepreneurs and was founded to represent and protect common interests of Estonian merchants, manufacturers, bankers, and ship-owners in the year 1925. The ECCI Mission is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia. The ECCI is an active partner to the parliament, government, and ministries in designing the economic policy and climate. Whenever tax policies, corporate law, laws on property and obligations, foreign trade and EU-related issues or professional qualification are discussed, the Chamber speaks actively on behalf of the Estonian business community. The ECCI Membership today: the ECCI with over 3,300 members appears to be the largest business representation organization in the country. We forward information to our members, if necessary, we intervene and send the opinion of entrepreneurs to the legislators. The Chamber is a partner valued by state authorities, because our positions are reasoned; but we are often a feared partner, because in our positions we always show strength of principle and clearly disagree when an initiative has a negative impact. The ECCI Services: the ECCI provides many business-related services – consultation (legal, foreign trade, EU-related), business match-making (trade missions, trade fair visits, B2B meetings, presentations), information services (business contacts, co-operation proposals etc.), training and foreign trade documents. Apart from that, the ECCI hosts the Arbitration Court, which is the only permanent arbitration court in Estonia. We are also members of the BCCA (Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association) and Eurochambres. The ECCI and the INBETS project: Being a part of INBETS project, the ECCI got the opportunity to get to know better and has become more aware of the SMEs transfers within Estonian business network.  […]
Germany / PartnerContact informationVocational Academy HamburgAddress: Zum Handwerkszentrum 121079 Hamburg Tel.: +40 35905-560Fax.: +40 35905-569E-mail.: / schaumann@ba-hamburg.deWebsite: […]
Latvia / PartnerLatvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the biggest association of entrepreneurs in Latvia uniting 6000 members – micro, small, medium and large enterprises of all regions and industries, associations, city business clubs and other unions of entrepreneurs. Association represents interests of entrepreneurs, as well as provides services, so that Latvia has excellent enterprises in an excellent business environment. Main sectors of its activities are business environment, competitiveness of enterprises, export. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is founded on 21 December 1934 and is a member of the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Mission: Voice and support of Latvian entrepreneurs since 1934. Vision:    •  Latvia has one of the EU’s TOP 10 business environments, in which develop many competitive and able-to-export enterprises.   •  Offer of the LCCI services ensures that membership in the LCCI is an economically favourable decision encouraging more rapid growth of the enterprise. Main Values:     1. National economy of the Republic of Latvia     2. Initiative     3. Political neutrality     4. Fair competition     5. Private capital Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is implementing EU projects in different programs in the following topics:     1. SMEs trainings     2. Export     3. Entrepreneurial policy     4. VET topics     5. Other relevant topics to business     6. Cluster support and development On social media:Twitter: More information: […]
Partner / PolandThe Masovian Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship in Warsaw is a socio-professional organization of professional self-government of crafts and entrepreneurship. Its structure includes 33 guilds, 13 craft cooperatives and other affiliated organizations whose aim is to support the economic development of crafts. The Masovian Chamber is a representative before the state authorities and territorial authorities. The Chamber is an important institution of advisory, training and information infrastructure in Mazovia Voivodship. The Chamber provides information on taxes, law, marketing, vocational education, EU funds, and the social security system. Also conducts qualification exams for the titles of apprentice and master in craft competitions. The master’s diplomas and apprentice certificates obtained in the Chamber constitute professional qualifications recognized in Poland and abroad. The knowledge gained during the courses – conducted by outstanding specialists – allows to properly run and manage your own company. In order to meet the current times and the expectations of entrepreneurs, the Chamber constantly improves the system of services provided, trying to provide modern, comprehensive service for both people running a business and those who intend to start it. The employees of the Chamber are highly qualified, complete and constantly improving their qualifications staff, who provide high quality services. The Chamber is also a representative of crafts and small business in the international arena through active participation in conferences and symposia significant for this sector. It acts as an intermediary in matching domestic and foreign offers, organizes and undertakes trade missions in various countries, searching for partners for cooperation. In order to create a broad platform for the implementation of the views and postulates of the craft community and other small and medium-sized enterprises and in order to create a better opportunity to present the positions of this community towards the Parliament and the Government – the Chamber established in 1992 – the Foundation of Small and Medium Enterprises, the purpose of which is to provide comprehensive assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting and organizing activities leading to the promotion of SME in Poland and abroad, cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and entities interested in the development of Polish SME. Our main goal of joining the project “INBETS BSR” is the character of our Institution, whose members are owners of multi-generational family businesses and, due to their age, are forced to transfer the company to their successors. Participation in the project due to numerous conferences and workshops devoted to the subject of successful succession in the company gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences, gain and expand knowledge in this area, so that to successfully help entrepreneurs in our country. Succession in a family business is a long, complex process. The problem, however, is the lack of a well-established and communicated succession plan. The owners rely on their own experience and intuition and often make mistakes such as unpreparedness for the successor. One of our goals in this project is a change of approach, greater knowledge and awareness of successful succession. Many entrepreneurs have concerns about whether and how to conduct a successful business transfer, and we encourage them to make such a decision and inform them at meetings on how to do it properly and where should they start. Many of our entrepreneurs return for additional, extended succession consultations in order to better explore this topic and prepare well for it. Contact informationSmall Business Chamber Address: Smocza 27 street, Postal code: 01-048 Warsaw, Poland Phone number: +48 22 838 16 10 E-mail: Website: […]
Partner / RussiaNon-commercial partnership “Association of SMEs support centers of the Kaliningrad region” it is an organization that provides information, methodological, organizational and technical support to business support centers that are its members. The Association also provides consulting services to individual small and medium-sized businesses in the Kaliningrad region on various issues of doing business, implementing investment projects, and interacting with scientific and educational organizations in order to implement innovative projects in the region. As part of the implementation of the tasks and projects, work is underway to prepare information and methodological manuals, educational programs and educational materials dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and improving the entrepreneurial literacy of the population. The Association is an integrator, information and methodological center and competence center for the functioning of the infrastructure for supporting entrepreneurship and improving the level of entrepreneurial literacy of the population. Purpose of activity:Coordination and improvement of the efficiency of municipal centers for support of small and medium-sized businesses in the Kaliningrad region, assistance to the successful development and functioning of small and medium-sized businesses in the region. Task force:   – Small and medium-sized businesses.   – Representatives of business communities.   – Population of municipalities in the Kaliningrad region. Main activities:   • Consulting services, marketing research, preparation of business plans.   • Organization and holding of regional and international events, conferences, forums, round tables and seminars for the organization’s objects of                   activity.   • Informing small and medium-sized businesses about existing measures and support programs at various levels.   • Establishing partnerships with specialists from the Kaliningrad region, other regions of the Russian Federation, and foreign experts to study the                  activities of international non-governmental organizations in order to use their practical experience.   • Implementation of projects and programs aimed at the development of entrepreneurship and the business community. «INBETS BSR is a very timely project for our region and our country. The global passion for start-UPS and serial entrepreneurship is taking the attention away from the old working business, which now faces the urgent question of transferring it to the next generation. After all, this business ensures the sustainable development of small territories, allows you to save jobs and improve the quality of life of local communities. Thanks to the participation of the project, we can get acquainted with the experience of partners from other countries where these issues became relevant much earlier and get acquainted with their experience. The main task of our organization in the project is to broadcast this experience in our region to inform and advise entrepreneurs of the Kaliningrad region about existing solutions. Legal, financial, and cultural aspects of business transfer and comprehensive support for entrepreneurs are also important. And we are glad that we can provide this support by participating in the project.» Alexander Ророv,President.Website: Contact InformationNon-commercial partnership “Association of SMEs support centers of the Kaliningrad region”Address:    Kaliningrad, Gorkogo street,69Phone:       +7 906-210-24-24E-mail: Foundation on social mediaFacebook: […]