Transfer description

The founder of the company and the owner of the know-how was no longer interested in the development and management of the company. In search of a buyer was involved in a networking, search in the business community. The search lasted about 6 months. The business transfer process took about a month. The main difficulties in the process were caused by the search for a buyer and registration of the transfer of intellectual property and technology to the new owner. At the moment, the technology of transfer and preservation of know-how in the company is not sufficiently developed at the legislative level.


Owner1. Omelyanovich Dmitry
2. Immanuel Kant Baltic
Federal University
1. LLC Service center
2. Immanuel Kant Baltic
Federal University
Legal form of the
Number of employees 13
BrandModel of transferInvolved institutionCountry
5 – Transfer to another companyIn search of a buyer and for advice on the design of the transfer of know-how, the owner addressed to non-profit organizations to support entrepreneurship: «Union «Kaliningrad chamber of
Commerce and industry», «Association of SMEs support centers of
the Kaliningrad region». Assistance was provided free of charge.