Transfer description

Consulting group TIM was founded in 1992. It is an international company which offers its clients financial, managerial and IT consultations. Evgenii is a founder of the company and was the TIM’s CEO till 2001. Today he is the Chairman of Board of directors and project manager in monitoring of the investment projects and management consulting spheres. Evgenii has 32.5 % of company’s shares.

Victor joined TIM when he was a student at the law faculty, in 2007 he became head of the legal department, and in 2011 – of the entire consulting business group. Today he has 30 % company’s shares. Victor continuously expands his knowledge in the field. The sphere of his expert competence is supporting the access to and development of foreign companies on the Russian market, supporting the activities of enterprises with foreign investment, risk management and dispute resolution.

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OwnerEvgenii MironovViktor Mironov
Legal form of the
Number of employees Less than 50Less than 50
BrandModel of transferInvolved institutionCountry
Consulting group TIM1 Family transfer