Transfer description

Ginza Project is an international group of companies founded in 2003. Ginza Project owns and manages more than 150 projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku, New York and London.

Before Ginza Project foundation Vadim Lapin was engaged in selling products from Europe. In 1995 he introduced European clothing brands to St. Petersburg market. In 2003 he decided to launch the restaurant business with his partners. The first project of the company was opened that year – the Japanese restaurant “Ginza”.

In 2013, Vadim bought shares in several restaurants from his partner at face value. Under the terms of the agreement between the founders, in the future he had to return the shares at the same price. But the reverse transaction did not take place. The former partner filed a lawsuit against Vadim.

Against the backdrop of a corporate dispute and claims for 144 million rubles, Vadim Lapin transferred shares in 38 companies with revenues of at least 1.1 billion rubles to his son – Mark Lapin. The transfer occurred 6th and 7th July this year. Nevertheless, Mark has been involved in fathers business for a long time and with his participation many restaurants were opened.

Source: Business Petersburg – 2018


OwnerVadim LapinMark Lapin
Legal form of the
Number of employees ??????
BrandModel of transferInvolved institutionCountry
Ginza Project1 Family transfer