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Holding Company “Sozvezdie Vodoleya” was founded in 1991. The company includes 17 enterprises which operate in different sectors of the economy and united not only by common leadership, but also by a mission, goals and strategy. The value of the company’s assets is estimated at 192 million , and the annual turnover reaches 132 million.

Vladimir Khilchenko – President of “Sozvezdie Vodoleya” company, considers that there is no the only formula for family business transferring that would be the perfect choice for everybody: “Everyone has their own situation and their children who may at least want or do not want be part of parental business. And children have different upbringings, different values in life”.

Vladimir personally trained his eldest son for running his company since childhood all the time involving him in the company’s business. Sometimes he had to act strictly and even harshly, but in the end German learned to manage: “In fact, he received MBA of my own design and now he is in charge of one of my main projects.”

Vladimir manages other projects independently and is going to participate in business for at least another ten years. But finally he wants to involve his son in more projects.

Source: Business Petersburg – 2018


OwnerVladimir KhilchenkoVladimir Khilchenko and German
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