Success Story

Lydia Pogorzhelskaya founded her Atelier «Madlen» in the difficult 90’s. Lydia went through all the difficulties of becoming, gathered a team of professionals and created a successful business with an excellent reputation. In 2017 yr. Lydia Pogorzhelskaya began to come to the idea that she would like to leave busines. Health conditions and age did not allow to work with the same intensity as before. First thought owner was about the family members, but they didn’t show any desire. There was a question of finding a successor. The search took some time and the interested person was found in own team. Ekaterina Ponomareva, the company’s leading fashion designer, expressed interest in acquiring the Atelier.

Lydia Pogorzhelskaya asked the Association of support centers to provide assistance. The Association provided consulting support on the transfer procedure, the main issue was finding financing for the purchase of a business by an employee. The transfer was successful, and the business continues to operate. The new owner is happy with the result and full of ideas for further business development.


  Previous Current
Owner Lydia Pogorzhelskaya Ekaterina Ponomareva
Legal form of the
Owned by one person Owned by one person
Number of employees 7 8

Brand Model of transfer Involved institution Country
Agriculture 3 – Transfer to company executives Finance advisor Russia


Below is an article (in Russian) about this business transfer of Madlen Atelier. (Please note that it is also possible to download this article as a pdf by clicking on the image below).