Transfer description

Metrostroi is a Soviet and Russian construction company. The company is a monopolist in the sphere of St. Petersburg Metro construction. Metrostroi accomplishes nearly 95% of all the metro construction works and also implements installation of equipment and architectural decoration in Saint Petersburg. In 2016 net profit of the company amounted to 497.8 million , annual turnover was 24.4 billion . The headquarters is located in St. Petersburg.

Vadim Aleksandrov has worked in this company for 55 years and was the leader of Metrostroi for about 25 years. He owns 13.62 % of shares. Nikolay Alexandrov, his son, was deputy director of Metrostroi since 2006. Today his stake in the company is around 25 %. He helped his father to realize projects and run the business during more than 10 years. In 2017 Nikolay became the CEO of the company. He also has a title “Honorary Construction Worker”.

Sources: Business Petersburg – 2017 – 2017


OwnerVadim AleksandrovNikolai Aleksandrov
Legal form of the
Number of employees ???More than 3.500
BrandModel of transferInvolved institutionCountry
Metrostroi1 Family transfer