Here you can find results and outputs we are working on. Please note, these are not for the public, but internal working documents, often in draft status. Not all partner documents are listed, in some cases we only selected examples.

All documents can be also accessed from the dropbox.

WP 1 – Project Management

Here you can see the latest version of the Activity Plan Status February 2019. Likewise, use your Login Details for 

Presentations, Minutes etc. from meetings are uploaded to the dropbox only. If you have lost or forgotten your login details, please let us know .

WP 2 – Transfer Models

WP 3 – Cooperation Structure

WP 4- Next Entrepreneurs

  • SATC to determine entrpreneurship level http://localhost:8888/wordpress_ny/drivehuset-satc/

WP 5 – Political Strategies

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