The Masovian Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship in Warsaw is a socio-professional organization of professional self-government of crafts and entrepreneurship. Its structure includes 33 guilds, 13 craft cooperatives and other affiliated organizations whose aim is to support the economic development of crafts. The Masovian Chamber is a representative before the state authorities and territorial authorities. The Chamber is an important institution of advisory, training and information infrastructure in Mazovia Voivodship. The Chamber provides information on taxes, law, marketing, vocational education, EU funds, and the social security system. Also conducts qualification exams for the titles of apprentice and master in craft competitions. The master’s diplomas and apprentice certificates obtained in the Chamber constitute professional qualifications recognized in Poland and abroad. The knowledge gained during the courses – conducted by outstanding specialists – allows to properly run and manage your own company.

In order to meet the current times and the expectations of entrepreneurs, the Chamber constantly improves the system of services provided, trying to provide modern, comprehensive service for both people running a business and those who intend to start it. The employees of the Chamber are highly qualified, complete and constantly improving their qualifications staff, who provide high quality services. The Chamber is also a representative of crafts and small business in the international arena through active participation in conferences and symposia significant for this sector. It acts as an intermediary in matching domestic and foreign offers, organizes and undertakes trade missions in various countries, searching for partners for cooperation.

In order to create a broad platform for the implementation of the views and postulates of the craft community and other small and medium-sized enterprises and in order to create a better opportunity to present the positions of this community towards the Parliament and the Government – the Chamber established in 1992 – the Foundation of Small and Medium Enterprises, the purpose of which is to provide comprehensive assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting and organizing activities leading to the promotion of SME in Poland and abroad, cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and entities interested in the development of Polish SME.

Our main goal of joining the project “INBETS BSR” is the character of our Institution, whose members are owners of multi-generational family businesses and, due to their age, are forced to transfer the company to their successors. Participation in the project due to numerous conferences and workshops devoted to the subject of successful succession in the company gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences, gain and expand knowledge in this area, so that to successfully help entrepreneurs in our country. Succession in a family business is a long, complex process. The problem, however, is the lack of a well-established and communicated succession plan. The owners rely on their own experience and intuition and often make mistakes such as unpreparedness for the successor. One of our goals in this project is a change of approach, greater knowledge and awareness of successful succession. Many entrepreneurs have concerns about whether and how to conduct a successful business transfer, and we encourage them to make such a decision and inform them at meetings on how to do it properly and where should they start. Many of our entrepreneurs return for additional, extended succession consultations in order to better explore this topic and prepare well for it.

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