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Redmond group was founded in 2006. Today Redmond is one of the most famous kitchen equipment brands in Russia. In 2016 Redmond occupied almost 20% of the market with 50 billion rubles volume. Company’s production capacity is located in Asian countries but logistics, trade and intellectual branches of the group are concentrated in St. Petersburg.

In April 2016 one of the Redmond group main co-founders – Maksim Ageenko passed away. After that, a long-lasting conflict began between Maksim’s wife Svetlana and five children from two marriages and his business partners. The main reason of the conflict was clarification of the fair value of the share left by Maxim Ageenko to his family. Maksim’s partners – Andrei and Diana offered 240 million rubles to Maksim’s wife and his children, taking option to buy their stocking on a priority basis, but they refused.

Svetlana Ageenko and Maksim’s filed seven lawsuits to the Arbitration Court against the Redmond group companies. They demanded providing them with financial and corporate documentation for the entire period of company’s activity, and also challenged two decisions of the general meetings.

The corporate conflict led to disappointing results: Diana Zheliaskova, who became the General director, is now in prison, the heirs could not receive as much money as they wanted, and the conflict has not been solved yet.

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OwnerAndrei Siniavin
Diana Zheliaskova
Maksim Ageenko
Andrei Siniavin
Diana Zheliaskova
Svetlana, Evgenii, Artem, Maria
and Aleksandr Ageenko
Legal form of the
Number of employees ??????
BrandModel of transferInvolved institutionCountry
Redmond1 Family transfer