Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību “N.BOMJA MAIZNĪCA

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N.Bomja bakery “Lielezers” /
The experience of family business owner: involving family into inheritance, continuation and development of the company

Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību “N.BOMJA MAIZNĪCA

From the very beginning, company has been created, as a family company, because the children of the founders of the company, are involved in the development of the company and in preserving its values. For parents, this is especially important and important if children choose to engage in a family business, but they have never pressured them.

Children always saw the hard work, attitude and love for this company and bread, and that is what they want to keep. Children are new in this process. Therefore, it would be difficult to make recommendations from their perspective. The desire to get involved and to continue develop the company should come from the children naturally.

Children encounter the tension due to the sense of responsibility of parents and the parent company so that engagement for the company will only benefit and grow in the future. Parents are open to new ideas and allows children to experiment, encouraging them to not be afraid, and emphasize that it’s normal to make mistakes. Children comes up with new ideas, because of understanding the new generation and the tendencies of society. We believe that a strong family is also able to maintain a strong company, learning to highlight the boundaries between personal relationships and business relationships.


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