Non-commercial partnership “Association of SMEs support centers of the Kaliningrad region” it is an organization that provides information, methodological, organizational and technical support to business support centers that are its members. The Association also provides consulting services to individual small and medium-sized businesses in the Kaliningrad region on various issues of doing business, implementing investment projects, and interacting with scientific and educational organizations in order to implement innovative projects in the region.

As part of the implementation of the tasks and projects, work is underway to prepare information and methodological manuals, educational programs and educational materials dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and improving the entrepreneurial literacy of the population.

The Association is an integrator, information and methodological center and competence center for the functioning of the infrastructure for supporting entrepreneurship and improving the level of entrepreneurial literacy of the population.

Purpose of activity:
Coordination and improvement of the efficiency of municipal centers for support of small and medium-sized businesses in the Kaliningrad region, assistance to the successful development and functioning of small and medium-sized businesses in the region.

Task force:
   – Small and medium-sized businesses.
   – Representatives of business communities.
   – Population of municipalities in the Kaliningrad region.

Main activities:
   • Consulting services, marketing research, preparation of business plans.
   • Organization and holding of regional and international events, conferences, forums, round tables and seminars for the organization’s objects of                   activity.
   • Informing small and medium-sized businesses about existing measures and support programs at various levels.
   • Establishing partnerships with specialists from the Kaliningrad region, other regions of the Russian Federation, and foreign experts to study the                  activities of international non-governmental organizations in order to use their practical experience.
   • Implementation of projects and programs aimed at the development of entrepreneurship and the business community.

«INBETS BSR is a very timely project for our region and our country. The global passion for start-UPS and serial entrepreneurship is taking the attention away from the old working business, which now faces the urgent question of transferring it to the next generation. After all, this business ensures the sustainable development of small territories, allows you to save jobs and improve the quality of life of local communities.

Thanks to the participation of the project, we can get acquainted with the experience of partners from other countries where these issues became relevant much earlier and get acquainted with their experience. The main task of our organization in the project is to broadcast this experience in our region to inform and advise entrepreneurs of the Kaliningrad region about existing solutions.

Legal, financial, and cultural aspects of business transfer and comprehensive support for entrepreneurs are also important. And we are glad that we can provide this support by participating in the project.»

Alexander Ророv,

Contact Information
Non-commercial partnership “Association of SMEs support centers of the Kaliningrad region”
Address:    Kaliningrad, Gorkogo street,69
Phone:       +7 906-210-24-24

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