Since 1995, acting behalf our international and national clients and partners, we had successfully implemented more than 500 projects. Mission of the Foundation is an initiation and implementation of significant initiatives and projects contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of St. Petersburg as well as the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation.

INBETS project
Participation in the INBETS project provides for St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development opportunities for mutually beneficial communication and international experience exchange due to the fact that goals of the project correspond to the mission of the Foundation, as well as to the strategic, social and economic development of St. Petersburg.

During the implementation of the INBETS project Foundation conducted analysis of the issues in business transfer sphere in Russia and St. Petersburg, what organizations/ institutions that can help SMEs with mentoring or training (business and professional associations) and expanding business contacts network, which business transfer models are more popular in country and what legislative, administrative and psychological barriers face entrepreneurs during business transfers, etc.

By now Foundation developed the guide for Russian SMEs which includes statistics data, information about business transfer models, financing models, ways of SMEs evaluation, business transfer success stories and contact information of business support organizations in St. Petersburg and abroad which assist companies in business transfers sphere. Foundation has also presented main results of the INBETS project during the key events in St. Petersburg.

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