NEWSLETTER ONE: INBETS+: AN INTRODUCTION After the official conclusion of the INBETS project with its final conference on March 19th, 2021, a follow-up project called INBETS+ was officially kicked off with a workshop on 23rd March 2021. The main objective of the INBETS+ project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of existing small and medium-sized […]

INBETS Newsletter 6: Final Conference

Newsletter 6- Final Conference After nearly four years of working together on making business transfers easier and more successful for SMEs, the INBETS project came to a close with its final conference. On March 19th, 2021, the INBETS Final Conference was held online on Zoom. The conference, which had been planned to be held in […]

INBETS Newsletter 5: Political Strategy

Newsletter 5 – Political Strategy The successful transfer of SMEs is vital to Europe’s economic growth and the preservation of jobs. Nevertheless, the political support for SME transfers has been inadequate in many BSR countries, and important groups of potential successors are simply excluded in many regions. For this reason, the INBETS programme wants to […]

INBETS Newsletter 4: Education

Newsletter 4 – Education Business transfers are difficult and SMEs are often not properly prepared to take this step. Thus, a vital part of the INBETS project is the (further) education and capacity building programme which aims to enable SME owners and potential successors to be equipped for a smooth and successful business transfer. Four […]

INBETS Newsletter 3: Finance Models

Newsletter 3 – Finance Models One of the most challenging features of running a successful SME is the financing aspect. However, SMEs often struggle to access appropriate support features and networks and further lack the necessary financial literacy. Hereby, it is important to not only give SMEs access to different instruments, but to assist them […]

INBETS Newsletter 2: Transfer Models

Newsletter 2 – Transfer Models Business transfers are highly complex processes which are often made even more difficult when the businesses are family run or have no clear successor. Therefore, the INBETs project aims to provide a variety of business transfer models which can be used by SMEs. A big part of the consultation process […]

INBETS Newsletter 1: Overview

Newsletter 1 – Overview Did you know that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 99.8% of the EU’s companies? Not only do they constitute the vast majority of all EU companies, but they also generate almost 60% of the EU’s GDP and provide 70% of all jobs across the Union. As they are such […]