University of Skövde

We are a modern and welcoming university, with first-class education and internationally competitive research, a place where we strive for the greatest accomplishments. Ever since the inception in 1977 we have aimed for excellence. Every decision, every achievement has emerged from a focus on creating excellent and well known educations and research specialisations that make […]

Anonymous – SE

Transfer description The business started as a project where one of the goals was to make an exit. In the year 2012, the company needed capital to finance the company’s next stage of development. Regarding the options, they either wanted a venture capital firm or finding a buyer. The successor was found in the company. […]


Drivhuset’s passion is entrepreneurship!We inspire and support students in Sweden, Norway, and Finland to start and run businesses. Students can attend events and workshops, take online courses, and receive business coaching free of charge. We focus on the entrepreneur and use evidence-based business tools. Drivhuset is a foundation with the mission to create the entrepreneurs of the future so that society continues […]

Martins Gräv AB

Transfer description While participating in an accelerating program for making companies grow, Martin and Lena realized that they were too old to make all the investments and efforts that would be needed to keep growing. Instead, they decided to sell their company since the company had already increased in turnover during the accelerating program. At […]