Transfer description Redmond group was founded in 2006. Today Redmond is one of the most famous kitchen equipment brands in Russia. In 2016 Redmond occupied almost 20% of the market with 50 billion rubles volume. Company’s production capacity is located in Asian countries but logistics, trade and intellectual branches of the group are concentrated in […]

Holding company Sozvezdie Vodoleya

Transfer description Holding Company “Sozvezdie Vodoleya” was founded in 1991. The company includes 17 enterprises which operate in different sectors of the economy and united not only by common leadership, but also by a mission, goals and strategy. The value of the company’s assets is estimated at 192 million , and the annual turnover reaches […]

Consulting group TIM

Transfer description Consulting group TIM was founded in 1992. It is an international company which offers its clients financial, managerial and IT consultations. Evgenii is a founder of the company and was the TIM’s CEO till 2001. Today he is the Chairman of Board of directors and project manager in monitoring of the investment projects […]


Transfer description Metrostroi is a Soviet and Russian construction company. The company is a monopolist in the sphere of St. Petersburg Metro construction. Metrostroi accomplishes nearly 95% of all the metro construction works and also implements installation of equipment and architectural decoration in Saint Petersburg. In 2016 net profit of the company amounted to 497.8 […]


Transfer description The Metallservis company is the largest independent metal trader in Russia with a head office in Moscow and subdivisions in 16 cities of Russia and in Minsk. The company was founded in 1993. Annually the company sells about 2 million tons of rolled metal products. The annual company’s revenue is 44.2 billion . […]


Transfer description Maksidom is the first Russian hypermarkets network of goods for home improvement, repair and construction. The company was founded in 1997. Maksidom developed actively in St. Petersburg: one hypermarket opened every two years, and since 2006 they have hypermarkets appeared annually. In 2015 annual turnover of the company was 17 billion . The […]

Industrial and Metallurgical Holding

Transfer description Industrial and Metallurgical Holding was founded in 1993. The company is the leading provider of metallurgical coke in the CIS countries region and one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial iron. In 2016 net profit of the company amounted to 9.2 billion , annual turnover was 64.5 billion . The headquarters is […]


Transfer description The Lanit Group was founded in 1989 and is one of the largest ITcompanies in Russia. According to the company’s data, Lanit’s revenue increased by 19.7% or 137 billion in 2017. The volume of sales increased by 12% or 54.6 billion (VAT included). Georgy Gens – the Lanit founder participated in the development […]


Transfer description Kiss company was founded in 1998 by Irina Seliuta and her friend – Lilia Kiselenko. Irina and Lilia studied together in university and then worked on “Nevskaya Manufactura” – famous state company in Saint Petersburg. The week before the crisis of 1998 the friends started their own business. Today “Kisselenko” brand is known […]

Ginza Project Group

Transfer description Ginza Project is an international group of companies founded in 2003. Ginza Project owns and manages more than 150 projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku, New York and London. Before Ginza Project foundation Vadim Lapin was engaged in selling products from Europe. In 1995 he introduced European clothing brands to St. Petersburg market. […]