Anonymous – SE

Transfer description The business started as a project where one of the goals was to make an exit. In the year 2012, the company needed capital to finance the company’s next stage of development. Regarding the options, they either wanted a venture capital firm or finding a buyer. The successor was found in the company. […]


Transfer description BAGFACTORY is a non-woven PET bag manufacturer, a market leader in Lithuania and one of the market leaders in the EU. However, the recentgrowth of this company was driven by the transfer of 50 percent of its’ share to the legal entity, so is a great example of good business transfer case. Originally […]

ŁAPAJ sp .z.o.o

Transfer description The company was founded by Jan and Krystyna Łapaj, and the main activity is related to running two four-star hotels. After many years of work, the owners decided to transfer their business to their children. A key to a successful succession was the creation of the document the Heritage Statute, which normalized the […]

Oy Otto Brandt Ab Ltd

Transfer description This company had in its history two stormy transfers. The first transfer in the 1930’s was close to fail: The founder of the company did not trust on his son and sold majority of shares outside the family. Piece by piece son succeeded to collect them back. The second transfer during the end […]