Anonymous – FI

Transfer description Original company was founded in 1980’s by one entrepreneur. In the end of 80’s the company was growing and another person was joined to the company as minor owner. The reason for this was – as was found out later – that to be able to arrange the funding – the company needed […]

Hallaworks Oy

Transfer description Transfer took place since the founder of the company, Mr. Mati Vetevool felt that it’s time to step give main responsibility to his son. This didn’t, by any chance, mean that he cut off completely from running a business, but Mr.Mati Vetevool took the role of CEO and Meelis Vetevool became Chairman of […]

Oy Otto Brandt Ab Ltd

Transfer description This company had in its history two stormy transfers. The first transfer in the 1930’s was close to fail: The founder of the company did not trust on his son and sold majority of shares outside the family. Piece by piece son succeeded to collect them back. The second transfer during the end […]