Transfer description Transfer took place since the founder of the company, Mr. Mati Vetevool felt that it’s time to step give main responsibility to his son. This didn’t, by any chance, mean that he cut off completely from running a business, but Mr.Mati Vetevool took the role of CEO and Meelis Vetevool became Chairman of […]


Transfer description The business transfer was an easy way for Morten to get started.  He is the youngest son at the former owner.  Morten and his wife both have an education in agriculture. The whole family (incl. Mortens sibling) wants the company to continue in the family’s ownership.  The reality has the perfect setting for […]

Sampo-Rosenlew Oy Ltd

Transfer description Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd was founded in the beginning of 1990’s by Mr. Timo Prihti to continue the Combine Harvester production which otherwise had been shut down by Metso Plc. Mr. Prihti found soon that one product is not enough and started engineering and manufacturing of forest harvester. Furthermore, contract manufacturing of components to other […]