Antifragile Zoom – Attended by More Than 70 Participants

Success Story Antifragile zoom was attended by more than 70 participants On May 28, online event «Corporate and business projects in the crisis: cannot wait / act?!» was organized on the ZOOM platform. The event was attended by more than 70 participants who discussed financial risk management tools, the impact of the crisis on productive […]

Online Conference “Do You Have a Plan “B” for Your Business?”

Success Story Online conference “Do you have a plan “B” for your business?” was organized in St. Petersburg On April 29, 2020, an online conference “Do you have a plan “B” for your business? Keeping and development of the company for generations” was held. Heads of SMEs in St. Petersburg, experts in inheritance and corporate […]

Webinar “Covid-19: How to Save Your Business? Legal Advice”

Success Story Webinar “Covid-19: how to save your business? Legal advice” was held in St. Petersburg with INBETS BSR project support Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all the events and meetings went online. On April 16, St. Petersburg Regional office of the All-Russian Public Organization “Business Russia” organized webinar on legal clarification of support measures […]

INBETS BSR project presented at St. Petersburg International Forum

Success Story INBETS BSR project was presented at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum (SPIIF) On November 14, 2019 Foundation participated in the Conference on issues of National projects implementations in the framework of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. During the event Mr. Maxim Balanev – Executive director and head of INBETS project at St. Petersburg […]

Innovative models of business transfer – Expert Panel

Success Story Foundation held an expert panel “Innovative models of business transfer: challenges and opportunities” in the framework of “Strategic Planning Leaders Forum” On October 29, 2019 representatives of the Foundation organized the Expert panel «Innovative Business Transfer Models: challenges and opportunities» during the XVIII Annual Strategic planning leaders forum of the regions and cities […]

DEP – Bugalteria

Success Story One of the most striking examples of a successful family business in the Kaliningrad region is the company “DEP- Bugalteria “. Its owners are proud of the business model that they have managed to build over a twenty-year period of work in the accounting and consulting services market. In 2015, Dmitry Kurelyak, the […]

Rodionov Kamen

Success Story Alexander Rodionov, the founder of the Rodionov Kamen company, often says that he is lucky to have like-minded sons. Sons Sergey and Artem grew up together with their father’s business and Alexander believes that his main merit is that he managed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in children. Young people tried their hand […]

Realization of National projects in St. Petersburg – Meeting

Realization of National projects in St. Petersburg was discussed in St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry with INBETS BSR project support Success Story On October 15, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting dedicated to the implementation of national projects in St. Petersburg. The event was held with the support […]

Madlen Atelier

Success Story Lydia Pogorzhelskaya founded her Atelier «Madlen» in the difficult 90’s. Lydia went through all the difficulties of becoming, gathered a team of professionals and created a successful business with an excellent reputation. In 2017 yr. Lydia Pogorzhelskaya began to come to the idea that she would like to leave busines. Health conditions and […]